Introducing myself to the clan: My Story

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Introducing myself to the clan: My Story

Post by Paul Mahovlich on Wed Sep 29, 2010 1:22 pm

[15:26] Paul Mahovlich slams the door shut on the jeep, checking this is the location as given him by the guide
[15:26] Rhea: Hi Paul, i love to be pet! ^_^
[15:26] Paul Mahovlich: hello lady, how are you?
[15:27] Paul Mahovlich: Im looking for your owner mind if I come closer?
[15:27] N1ck Hansome: Greetings Traveller..have no fear she will not harm you
[15:27] Paul Mahovlich: thank you neighbour
[15:28] Paul Mahovlich moves towards the fire, "are you of the Quileute tribe?"
[15:29] N1ck Hansome: Yesah!
[15:29] N1ck Hansome: Greetings .. I am Quileute tribe
[15:29] N1ck Hansome: what brings you here? are you lost?
[15:29] Paul Mahovlich: My family did yours a wrong..
[15:30] Paul Mahovlich: I am here to return what was stolen a century and more ago
[15:30] N1ck Hansome stops what he is doing and gazes at the stranger
[15:31] N1ck Hansome: and what is it you believe your family stole from here..? was it from the sacred caves nearby
[15:31] Paul Mahovlich: A totem of your tribe was stolen , for no more reason then a souvenir
[15:31] Paul Mahovlich: And yes I believe it was from those caves
[15:32] N1ck Hansome: what is your name?
[15:32] Paul Mahovlich: I am Paul Mahovlich,
[15:32] N1ck Hansome: Paul... this is a serious matter you speak of
[15:32] Paul Mahovlich: the man who stole it was my ancestor with the same name
[15:33] Paul Mahovlich: That it is..
[15:33] N1ck Hansome: I know of your is written in the caves ..a man who came as a friend and then fled with my tribes sacred Totem
[15:35] N1ck Hansome looks down at the floor in dismay..then glances back at Paul.."wondering if he knows the trouble he is now in"
[15:35] Paul Mahovlich Nods "Although he fathered the father of my fathers, father father.. He was a man of little worth"
[15:35] N1ck Hansome: Paul have you the totem with you?
[15:36] Paul Mahovlich: Indeed
[15:36] Paul Mahovlich: Since I first heard the story as a child, it has not sat well with me
[15:38] N1ck Hansome Looks back towards the Caves nervously..
[15:38] Paul Mahovlich: Now I am here to return it, and correct the stain on my family
[15:39] N1ck Hansome: Paul .. there is a heavy price to has been gone so long..the price is higher than simply returning it now
[15:39] N1ck Hansome: many souls of my tribe have suffered since its loss
[15:40] N1ck Raises his head pointing skywards and Howls
[15:40] Paul Mahovlich: I understand, the price.. I shall pay, in blood if need be.
[15:40] N1ck Hansome: Firstly must return the Totem to the caves ..
[15:41] Paul Mahovlich Nods in understanding
[15:41] N1ck Hansome: that will lift some of the stain from your family past and future..but
[15:42] Paul Mahovlich tilts his head and listens
[15:42] N1ck Hansome: Paul .. there is a bigger personal price which only you can pay
[15:43] N1ck Hansome keeps a steely eye on the traveller waiting for him to turn and flee
[15:44] Paul Mahovlich: "I feared there might be, but it is necessary... What is it.?" Draws in his breath and controls his fear
[15:45] N1ck Hansome: You see it was only a matter of time.. eventually the totem would have brought the spirits to your families door ..and they would all have become cursed like my tribe is..looks towards the caves..
[15:45] N1ck Hansome: We are now very few Paul
[15:46] N1ck Hansome: You must now help add to our numbers and help keep the tribe line alive..doing this will save your own family Paul
[15:46] Paul Mahovlich Feels a cold breeze come from the caves and a shiver of apprehension. "Damn what has that fool of an ancestor done?"
[15:47] Paul Mahovlich Looks the tribeman in the eye, "Aye if that be needed, then I will do it"
[15:49] N1ck Hansome: The Quileute tribe are a tribe that shapeshift Paul..this is what you will become " wonders if this Paul will do whats needed"
[15:49] N1ck Hansome: However
[15:49] Paul Mahovlich: I have read of the legends, we have similar in Europe
[15:50] N1ck Hansome: for returning the Totem ..the choice to follow the path fully and become cursed by the moon will be left to will have a lifetime to decide..once done there is no going back
[15:51] N1ck Hansome: but by doing this you will save your family from being hunted down and taken without their consent
[15:52] Paul Mahovlich Looks again at the man, wondering if this is simply superstitious nonsense.... But there is a gnawing feeling in his gut that this is no dream... "Very well, what must be done?"
[15:53] N1ck Hansome looks and points towards the caves....return the Totem to the caves Paul..while you do that I will prepare..
[15:54] Paul Mahovlich: very well
[15:56] N1ck Raises his head pointing skywards and Howls
[15:57] N1ck Hansome: Well done Paul
[15:57] Paul Mahovlich feels his bones turn to ice and mutters to himself "indeed this is no dream"
[15:57] Paul Mahovlich: "Aye it is done, it has been brought home"
[15:58] Paul Mahovlich forces himself to move closer to the shapechanger
[15:58] N1ck Hansome glances up at the Moon....Now you must pay the price Paul....I am deeply Sorry
[15:58] N1ck Raises his head pointing skywards and Howls
[15:59] Paul Mahovlich: This is not the fault of either of us, but it must be done
[15:59] N1ck Hansome: I will try and make this as painless as I can ...are you ready Paul?
[16:01] Paul Mahovlich: I am ready
[16:01] N1ck Raises his head pointing skywards and Howls
[16:02] N1ck Hansome looks at Paul ...admires his bravery.." the price is paid Paul"
[16:02] Paul Mahovlich Only sees a blur of fang and furs then pain and finally darkness
[16:02] Paul Mahovlich raises himself up as he recovers
[16:03] Paul Mahovlich Nods "Yes it is paid and about time"
[16:03] N1ck Raises his head pointing skywards and Howls
[16:04] N1ck Hansome: Welcome to my Tribe Paul Mahovlich
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