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Post by Prateek Swords on Sun Sep 19, 2010 5:35 pm

The Blood Siphon
Container Siphon allows you to transfer blood between your Bloodlines tanks and casks in large amounts. This tool makes it convenient and fast to consolidate or distribute your blood for sharing, selling, or storage. It's a must-have for blood merchants or anyone that keeps a blood cellar for their clan or bloodthirsty guests.

The Spike
The spike is a wrist-worn cuff, with an extending spike. The spike can be plunged into a victim's body, and has a hollow tip and draining mechanism within the cuff. There is a tube extending from the spike into the vampire's arm, allowing the blood to be pumped straight into their own body. The spike will allow you to drain blood from your victims faster and in greater quantities than biting alone. It includes an animated attack that is suitable for nearly all avatar heights, and a retractable spike

In the Bloodlines world, the vampire Curse takes away a small portion of your vital blood every day, hence the need to constantly feed on mortals in order to survive. The Amulet protects a vampire from the effects of the Curse - in this case it will protect the first person to wear or rez the amulet for 5 days. Once the Amulet's power has run out, you will keep the object itself, but the Curse will once again begin exacting its daily toll of blood from your system. The Amulet need not be worn constantly to take effect - once rezzed or worn its effects will begin to work, and the piece itself can be put back into the inventory.

The Soul Reaper
The Soul Reaper is an avatar attachment that will allow you to transfer collected souls from other Bloodlines players to yourself. You don't need the Soul Reaper to give souls you've collected, but you do need it to collect them.

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