Clan Rules - Toni's Non-Negotiables

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Clan Rules - Toni's Non-Negotiables

Post by Prateek Swords on Sun Sep 19, 2010 5:34 pm

"Eternal Flames" is a family clan. We are here to enjoy, share, help and protect one another.

• Remember every member is equally important whether they have 0 or 700 souls
• Be kind, courteous and respectful to ALL
• Have fun
• No theft of clan resources
• No random biting (biting without role-playing a request)
• All turnings/embracements take place at "Eternal Castle",except for the experienced ones(that are designated by me)they can turn themselves after informing an elder or trainee-elder;so elder can send title and notice to welcome the new one
• About notices: Elders and royals ONLY send welcome notices in clan.
If any other notice has to be send,ppl can ask permission to an elder or royal for example:WEDDINGS etc..

Thank you,

toniaatje Jupiter, Queen
Eternal Flames

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