How Our Clan Plays The Game

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How Our Clan Plays The Game

Post by Prateek Swords on Sun Sep 19, 2010 5:34 pm

Respect is the key. We will treat you with the respect you deserve and expect the same in return. We also ask that you treat each other with the utmost respect. We have many different types of people in our clan. We have Vampires, Lycans, Hybrids and our human blood dolls. We ask that you respect each individuals RP and SL lifestyle.

Once you have joined the clan and set liege to the vampire or lycan that has turned you/brought you to the clan. It is expected that you remain Lieged to that vampire/ lycan and loyal to that line in our clan. If your liege is not online and you need assistance go to their liege and so on up the line.
When you get souls of your own you are responsible for them. This means making sure that they understand bloodlines, the clan, teach them to hunt, MAKE SURE THEY ARE FED. If a vampire is being neglected by their liege they can ask the Queen, Royalty or the Elders to let them change liege. At no time will a change of liege be completed until the Queen, Royalty or elders have met with all parties involved. If you do not have the time or want to spend the time teaching your minons...there are 2 choices..1. don't hunt . 2. have them lieged to someone else. It's not fair to keep minions and not train / feed them Sad

If a vampire dies and wishes to continue in the clan and regain their souls it is their responsibility to get them back from the abyss (the lost souls will need to drink the hemlock potion which cost 249 and you will need to bite them again). The souls in the abyss is the responsibility of the dead vampires liege to retrieve them as soon as possible. I have seen many that have gone to the abyss and they are given the potion by someone other than a member of our clan. Please lets not let this happen.

Being a vampire or Lycan comes with a curse, each night we loose .25L of blood or 2.50 of lumens To combat this we must hunt. If you find that you are unable to hunt and are below 2L of vital blood or 20 lumens first contact your liege to be fed. If they are unable to feed you, contact the Queen, Royalty or one of the Elders. If you have problems in hunting and ur low we have a bloodsupplyroom,in case of emergencies for you to drink a liter so that your souls are not lost to the abyss or you don't get destroyed. If you have excess blood that you wish to donate to the clan please contact one of us to get it from you. or you can go to our blood bank to donate.

On behalf of the Eternal Flames we welcome you to the family. Happy Hunting!!

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