Nina Katscher - DCS (Dynamic Combat System) Teacher

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Nina Katscher - DCS (Dynamic Combat System) Teacher

Post by Prateek Swords on Sun Sep 19, 2010 5:21 pm

"Once upon a time, when ancient vampires were imperators of the land a little Avi called Nina Katscher was embraced to the World of Darkness by Hotty McMahon …..
Nina became a Knight of the New Brujah Carthage (RIP) under Lord Insomnis Moonites who departured his SL. After the fall of the NBC she felt lost and needed to move so Nina joined the old Brujah Clan under Queen Stefanie Anatine but when she split with the King the Clan was falling apart as well; these days she gathered all her Children and Friends around her and they decided to found a own Clan based on the old rules and they made a big Mistake when they elected Nina as the leader ^^. She did a big mistake; falling in love in SL they meet in RL and messed up so this was the end of the Kindred of Insomnis. Questions about it ?? don’t ask Nina as it still hurts.
I did ask a old Friend of mine how to start this, well I didn’t start with it but cant keep it out “lol”
15:19] XXX XXX: "Don't stop reading this, you are in danger. Nina is an ancient heart, wise, terrific and terrorific. Tormentor of her enemies (and lovers) she will bring you to the deep side of this world. Enjoy her, learn of a queen and have fun when she moves her ass."
So for the moment since January 2010 Nina is in Eternal Flames sometimes she adores this place sometimes she´s lost in here. Her Kids are spread all around SL and the world of Darkness. If you want to learn ask Nina. She knows a bit of everything. If you want to fight with DCS talk to her if you want to learn what is fun in SL ask if she doesnt know the answer …She will know People able to help you. If you want to have sex or meet her in RL sorry this is a no go only dear friends know me in RL and she only counts them on the Fingers and don’t need all of them ;-))

Nina will answer every IM She gets; yes IM´s are capped regulary; SL is doing something like this so the best way is to wait till Nina is on or drop a Notecard.

Dark blessings
Nina ..

That's right, not only am I freaky looking, I'm stronger, I'm faster, and I'm ready for action...
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