Royal Family

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Royal Family

Post by Prateek Swords on Sun Sep 19, 2010 4:31 pm

Crown Royals

toniaatje Jupiter - Queen

Adder taurus - Crown Prince
Biatch Fenwitch - Crown Princess
Julianna eiren - Crown Princess
Kerstin Delvalle - Crown Princess
lesmick Core - Crown Princess
OmBra Nootan - Crown Prince
ory Alfaro - Crown Prince
Predator Ryba - Crown Prince
ryu Steamer - Crown Prince
Spyder Rain - Crown Prince
Trip Tremmor - Crown Prince
Zira brandi - Crown Princess


WhiteOwl Viper - High Elder
Adder Taurus
Akila Marialla / Callidora Frostbite
Biatch Fenwitch
Domino Roxley / Zagan Frostbite
Lesmick Core
Liv Vyper
Nicci Winsmore
Predator Ryba
Rico Farspire
ryu Blindside


Bronco Delicioso - DCS (Dynamic Combat System)
Domino Roxley - Hybrids
Liv Vyper - Vampires
Nina Katscher - DCS (Dynamic Combat System)
WhiteOwl Vper - Elder Classes

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