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Post by Prateek Swords on Sun Sep 19, 2010 5:17 pm

Been naiive like all of us at the begining, knowing nothing, just exploring, and accepting all invitations, I was bitten by a vamp, not knowing anything, so I did not notice it. I landed at Roseland, where i met Toni, we became very good friends.Toni told me that I was bitten by vamp, and explained all about BloodLines to me. I became her BloodDoll for a very short, untill I decided to join BloodLines as a Vamp. Since then, Tonia and myself never parted, in good times and bad times, she is my Liege, and SL life best friend.

That's right, not only am I freaky looking, I'm stronger, I'm faster, and I'm ready for action...
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